Quizzo is a team pub trivia game played by teams of up to six players...It consists of forty questions divided into four rounds of play.   My Quizzo career started as a player in many of Philadelphia's fine drinking establishments throughout the city.   Moving back to central Pennsylvania, I found my appetite for useless trivia questions was not being satisfied; so about two years ago I decided to introduce Quizzo to the city of Williamsport...and the rest as they say is history. The origins of Quizzo can be traced back to Ireland, where pub trivia games with similar format have been played for a long time before Quizzo's inception. The first standardized "Quizzo" night appeared around 1993 in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania 's New Deck Taven.

Here are the rules for Jon Mackey's Quizzo...

•  Teams can have up to six players.

•  Teams can double two times a game for a total of ten questions (so use them wisely!).

•  Spelling does not count, unless specified.

•  No cell phone use!

•  No pocket reference material of any kind! (one would think this would be obvious, but as one team noted after being spotted refering to a book "you never said we couldn't use our encyclopedia")

Legible writing is a must, if I cannot read your answer I cannot give your team credit (again, seems obvious, but it needs to be stated)


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